Majority of the users today use Windows as their operating system on their personal computer system. It is basically because of its attractive interface and simplicity of use that this operating system it is largely accepted by users all around the world.  This operating system uses FAT and NTFS as file systems to organize the data in a hierarchical manner. Such organization of files makes the file access easier and faster for users working on different task. During a system usage there you may encounter an operating system crash which causes failure in system booting. At such times you will be forced to perform a re-installation, to make your system files accessible to you.  But there are times where a user can accidentally select the wrong partition for while formatting and end up deleting all the files that you had preserved on it. In such time what is your next plan? Do you have any idea about how to recover them? This article provides an answer to all these queries. In case of files deleted from USB drive go through to perform a recovery on flash drives




Prevailing events that cause deletion of files from the computer system:-

Software malfunction:  Windows support for installation of different applications. This software makes the task easier and hence they are preferred to be used by many of the professional organization as well as in personal computers. At certain times these software may hang or cause abnormal behavior which makes the user to perform an installation. Such situations sometimes can lead to deletion of data

File system corruption: All Windows operating system constitutes of either a FAT or NTFS file system. These helps organize and manage the files based on their hierarchy. Such file system may face corruptions due certain reasons. During such instances a user may be forced to reinstall the operating system wherein there are chances of electing a wrong partition for formatting

Virus attack: Malware are the most general form that causes destruction and loss of data. They get into the system through a network or the infected device and take charge over your system. In such times user might be resisted from doing any operations of the files or access them. User might have no other option left other reinstalling the Windows system

Hence, to be on a safer side you have to take a backup of all the necessary files. However, if you forget to take the backup of files, Windows Deleted File Recovery can assist a best recovery process your regain your files. This software has simple user interface so, any new user can use this utility to recover files from hard drive after re-installing Windows without any difficulties.

Windows Deleted File Recovery is well known for its outcome to recover deleted files after reinstating Windows. It is reviewed by industrial experts and awarded as the best tool that restores any type of files. It can restore deleted documents, html files, different file extensions in category of images, audio and videos and so on. This software can be easily executed on all Windows versions such as 7, 8, XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008.

Besides this, this tool can help you preview the restored file beforehand you store them back to the system. To recover deleted files from Mac system, go to the given link.  Before you go for the paid version of the software, make us of the demo form and check of its effectives and simplicity of use. If you are satisfied with the result buy the software and save your files back.




Follow the simple steps for recovering deleted files after re-installing Windows:-

Step 1: Download and install the software on the computer on which you wish to perform a recovery

Step 2: Launch the software and choose "Recover Drives" option from the first screen

Recovering Deleted Files after Reinstalling Windows - Main  Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: Press the mouse on “Partition Recovery” option from the second screen and proceed to next step and select the partition from where you deleted your files

Recovering Deleted Files after Reinstalling Windows - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Recovery Drive

Step 3: The recovered files are listed on a new screen, select your files preview them and save them back to the system after the purchase

Recovering Deleted Files after Reinstalling Windows - Save File Screen

Fig 3: Save File Screen