Macintosh is considered to have the most attractive interface among all other operating system available presently in the market. As any other operating system even Mac users face a data loss circumstances while working on their system.



Let us consider a scenario one among them. You installed a new photo editing application on your Mac system, in order to bring some modification of their file.  You launch the application and browsed for your picture from the system and started making the changes. At a particular instance of time without your knowledge, you clicked on delete file option provided in that application. This caused complete deletion of your entire file. What can be done now? How will you get the file back? These all queries might arise in your mind in that particular instant of time. Don’t panic!!!! You have landed up in a right place that can resolve your problem. Before we go to the solution let us have some discussion about the reasons that result in deletion of files from Macintosh

Sometimes there might be necessities wherein a user has to copy files from any storage device to Mac hard drive. He / She might connect the source device to the Macintosh system and start the transfer. If this transfer is interrupted by a power surge or any other means there is a risk of deletion of files that was yet to be transferred.

Accidental deletion is one of the main causes for loss of data from the system.  User may click on delete option while the intension was to rename copy and perform any other operations on files.   This is the unavoidable circumstance that causes the complete deletion of data.

Though Mac systems are known for its security reasons, there are some possibilities of malware infection. When files on these systems gets infected by these malware, they cause the files to be deleted or inaccessible by spreading its malicious program among the files

In all these cases of data deletion you have only one way out i.e. recovery. Recovery can be achieved only with the use of Recovery tools. One among the best software is Mac Deleted File Recovery software. In case of deletion of files due to reinstalling Windows go to and extract more info

Mac Deleted File Recovery utility is one of the eminent tools recommended by many of the professional experts to restore files from Macintosh computers. It has the ability to retrieve deleted files from USB drive, hard drive, memory cards, iPods and many other storage devices. The regained files can be previewed for its contents prior to restoring them back to any location on the Macintosh system.

This software also provides a customized option called “Signature Search” using which a user can select the file type only which the user want to recover. Apart from these qualities it also lets you to store the restored files on any location that is accessible to the host Macintosh system. This software is capable of recovering documents, videos, audio and other popular file forms. You can Acquire More info on word file recovery by getting into the given link

Steps to recover deleted files from Mac:-

Step 1: Install the application on your Mac system ann run the software. From the home page select on "Recover Files" option

Can I recover deleted files on my Mac- Main  Screen

Fig 1: Main Page



Step 2: When the software proceeds to the next step select "Recover Deleted Files" and select the drive from where you deleted your file and click "Next"

Can I recover deleted files on my Mac- Select Drive Screen

Fig 2: Select Recovery Drive

Step 3: When the software returns a screen with the list of retrieved files, select your file preview the content and browse and select the destination

Can I recover deleted files on my Mac- Preview File Screen

Fig 3: List of Restored Files