Word documents are the most popular form of file, used widely today for storing data in the form of text.  With Microsoft Word application one can create and access such word files in more efficient manner. The most popular extensions of text files such as .doc and .docx can only be opened and modified only with the use of this application.  This is because this application is developed with proprietary code that is needed to read such files. If you have a Microsoft Office application installed on your system you can identify its word file, by just looking at its icon. These files can also represent data by embedding images, bar charts and other popular OLE objects.




Most of the organizations currently use  Microsoft Word as a standard tool to create their professional documents.  This is because they engulf all the features that is useful to produce a highly enriched document. However, during a daily routine work there are possibilities that a user can cause deletion of files from the devices. The deleted files may happen to contain one of your crucial information. Such scenarios are really frustrating when you realize the data you needed is no more. Don’t panic!! This page can help relieve all your frustrations. Just go on reading

In majority of the case the files get deleted due to mistakes committed by users. While doing some important task, a user can hurry up and perform operations that can end up deleting your files. Some of them are clicking accidentally on “delete” and “Format” options.

Generally, many of the computers are installed with antivirus program to protect a system from impending virus attack. But most of the software are not efficient enough to delete some powerful virus. During such times, when a user performs a scan on the infected device which contain your word documents, they delete the word files long with the virus they contain without any prior notice.

Sometimes users make use of “Shift+Delete” option and delete their files. Such files bypass the recycle bin and cause complete deletion of files from the system. While using this option if you don’t make a check over the selected files, then there is a risk of losing any of your essential files. Even sometimes there are chances that the user may format the wrong partition while reinstall OS. This can result in deletion of all saved word files from the partition. In such case Refer Here to extract more details on how to restore data after re-installation. 

In all such cases you can opt for Deleted Word Document Recovery tool software without any third thought and get back your files in ease

Appealing features of Deleted Word Document Recovery tool:-

  • Designed with a preview feature that help you, take a look  at your restore word files before saving them
  • Enabled to be used on all latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system.  Travel to the link http://www.recovering-deletedfiles.com/can-i-on-my-mac.html for further details on deleted recovery on Mac
  • It can recover popular formats of text files such as .doc, .docx, .html and other major audio, video, images and other graphic files
  • Restored word documents can be saved on any valid location of your system
  • This tool can perform deleted file recovery from USB, internal and external hard drives, memory cards and other devices that are accessible to host operating system

Steps to restore deleted word document files:-

Step 1: Install the demo version of the software on your system. Launch the tool and click “Recover Files” option from the first page

Is there any way to get back a deleted word document- Main  Screen

Fig 1: Main Page




Step 2: From the next screen select on “Recover Deleted Files” option and proceed to the next step

Is there any way to get back a deleted word document- Select Mode of Recovery

Fig 2: Select Recovery Mode Screen

Step 3: Select the drive or partition from where you deleted your word document. The software displays a screen and prompts you to select the file type. Select the file type of word document you want to recover

Is there any way to get back a deleted word document- Select Drive Screen

Fig 3: Select Drive Screen

Step 4: The software returns a screen with the list of recovered word files. Select your file and save it back after purchase

Is there any way to get back a deleted word document- Data View Screen

Fig 4: View Recovered File List